Dried Powdered Autumn Truffle


40G POT equivalent of 200g of fresh truffle

This product is Not to be confused with other powdered truffle from other websites , Our powdered truffle is 100% powdered truffle for the chef to add to sauces/gravy or other truffle products eg: to make truffle salt etc Best to add to sauces at the begining to the cooking process or even better leave overnight in a fridge once made .

This product is a must for any professional chef or home cook , It will happily sit on a shelf for 6 months without deteriorating , If you looking to jazz up a sauce or gravy or just dusting over the top of a pasta dish this powdered truffle is a lifesaver. The versatility of this product is amazing. 100% pure truffle and no additives . BE CAREFUL! OUR TRUFFLE POWDER IS Extremely POTENT , A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! 40G POT equivalent of 200g of fresh truffle .