Welsh Autumn Truffles (Tuber Uncinatum) Available September - March


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•Similar to Tuber Aestivum with more pleasing and intense odor The name of this truffle is derived from its hook shaped spores. The fruity body is large and ranges from the size of an egg to that of an orange, but at times even larger than 10 cm in diameter. The skin is black. Its odor resembles that of a hazelnut . It ripens all year round but mostly from September to January . It is known that the flavour and perfume is most intense September to January . Storage If you're looking to savour your fresh truffle for 1-2 weeks, then your best bet is to chill it, carefully, in the fridge. Make sure that its clean and dry—dirt plays no role in conserving freshness and flavour. Fill a container with dry rice and keep your truffle submerged in the rice. Yes-this is just like the theory for how to save an iPhone that's been dunked in water, but it's also emulating the natural underground habitat of a fresh truffle, which keeps them from drying out. Start by pouring a thick layer of rice into the container. Place your clean truffles inside, set them a few centimetres apart from each other, and then pour more rice until your truffles are abundantly covered up. Seal the container and store it in a cool, dry, dark spot in your fridge.

🎄The last posting day for Christmas deliveries will be 22nd December and the 29th December for New Year delivery. 🎄

Next day delivery if ordered before midday Monday to thursday . If you place an order on the weekend truffles will be posted on the following monday .

Delivery price is ovenight monday to Thursday includes thermal packaging with ice pack .