Oak Truffle Inoculated Tree


Unlike other truffle trees sold online our sapling trees are taken from our own commercial truffiere where truffles are currently growing . This ensures that your tree will have the maximum chance of producing truffles in the future . The small trees are carefully removed from the brule of an existing truffle mother tree that is producing truffles and reinoculated with welsh truffle inoculum from our very own truffles . All you have to do is pop them in the ground and wait for your truffles to mature (5-9 years) for a hazel and (7-12) years for an Oak .
This Oak truffle tree's roots are growing in a symbiotic relationship with the native Summer /Autumn Truffle fungus (Tuber aestivum / uncinatum), An underground mushroom which is a highly prized delicacy .The truffle fungus will slowly mature with this Oak tree and they can be foraged every summer and autumn for the next 50 years as long as the PH level in the surrounding soil is maintained . We harvest truffles on our truffiere from May though to the following March as long as we have plenty of rain . Watering is especially important around spring time if there is no rain . Full planting and care instructions will be supplied with purchase . There is no guarantee of producing truffles from your tree however we feel with our saplings you will have the best possible chance of growing your black diamonds.

Please note : saplings will be sent out 3 days after order as we have to dig them and add inoculum before sending out .