•These truffles are purchased from trading partners or trusted truffle hunters in the EU .
Black Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum) Availability: Apr-Sept.

•The most plentifully harvested truffle. The fruiting body ranges from the size of a hazelnut to that of an orange. The skin is black. The odor is pleasant and can be quite intense in wales , resembling that of hazelnuts and mushrooms . The main period for ripening runs from May to September. This truffle is commonly found in the United Kingdom , Europe, or wherever there is limestone terrain.


Method 1 is our preferred way to store fresh truffles. Remove from the box and store in a basket or container that lets the air circulate around truffles. This inhibits white mould forming on the outside, you may notice the truffles lose a few grams of weight but this concentrates the flavour. Truffles can be kept for 7-10 days using this method, check daily for hardness, once truffles start going soft use immediately.
Method 2 If you want to flavour additional foods such as rice or eggs store truffles in the rice or eggs and the aroma will permeate into the foods, be aware that if you store for more than 3 days in the rice or eggs a white mould may appear on truffles ( do not be put of by the mould it is harmless and can be washed off ! )

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