Welsh Black Winter Truffles / Perigord Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum)


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To allow us to carefully monitor the quality of our truffles a shaving will be taken from all truffles to enable us to check for marbling.

Black Winter Truffles (Tuber Melanosporum) Availability: December. - March

• The world's best-known truffle. The fruity body can vary in size from that of a hazelnut to an orange. Its shape varies from round and even to irregular and lobed. The skin is black, sometimes with dark red or rust colored patches. It ripens in winter, from November to March. We were the first to cultivate this truffle in the united kingdom . Read the full story here of our success in the Telegraph

Food suggestions
The Black Winter Truffle has a strong depth of flavor, allowing them to be cooked briefly or slowly at low temperature. It can also be shaved fresh as a finishing element or infused into sauces to add depth. Pairs well with seafood and glamorous dishes such as caviar and foie gras, also pasta, cream sauces, garlic, shallots, light-bodied vinegars, mascarpone, aged hard cheeses, citrus and herbs such as tarragon, basil and arugula. Sauté very lightly in olive oil, garlic, a touch of salt and black pepper to sensationally transform bruschetta, pasta, and risotto, or gently grate/slice over meat, fish, eggs, and even dessert - sprinkle on fresh ricotta cheese for a delicious dish with a difference. Fresh truffles can be folded into butter to create a compound, by which can be refrigerated for up to three months.


Method 1 is our preferred way to store fresh truffles. Remove from the box and store in a basket or container that lets the air circulate around truffles. This inhibits white mould forming on the outside, you may notice the truffles lose a few grams of weight but this concentrates the flavour. Truffles can be kept for 7-10 days using this method, check daily for hardness, once truffles start going soft use immediately.
Method 2 If you want to flavour additional foods such as rice or eggs store truffles in the rice or eggs and the aroma will permeate into the foods, be aware that if you store for more than 3 days in the rice or eggs a white mould may appear on truffles ( do not be put of by the mould it is harmless and can be washed off ! )

Read the full story here of our success

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